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Michigan Coal Mining Maps and Information. COAL MINING Part 635: Coal Mining, regulates the coal mining industry.Coal Mining began in Michigan in the 1800s but the last active mines …

Missouri Mine Maps

The department's Missouri Geological Survey is the official Missouri Mine Map Repository, established by the State Legislature in 1993 for the purposes of public safety and protection of property. The Repository houses more than 2,000 maps of underground mines of various mineral commodities.


MAP A. EXTENT OF ABANDONED COAL-MINE WORKINGS AND LOCATIONS OF MINE SHAFTS, ADITS, AIR SHAFTS, AND FAULTS [Because of the plotted map scale and the need for enlarged map symbols to enhance legibility, the locations of mine shafts, ad …

DNR: Active Mining Permits Map - Indiana

Current: Active Mining Permits Map Active Mining Permits Map. Click the image below to open a map which shows currently permitted active coal mining permits. It is updated quarterly by the Division of Reclamation. Some mining activities are currently in operation, others may be temporarily inactive or inactive for longer periods of time due to ...

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For property conveyancing purposes, the Coal Authority draws your attention to the CON29M Coal and Brine Mining Search Report recommended by the Law Society of England and Wales, which contains additional property/site-specific information and advice.

USGS Minerals Information: Map Data

The locations of 1,879 coal mines and facilities, 8 uranium mines, and 1,965 mines and processing plants for 74 types of nonfuel minerals and materials are shown with symbols on both a large multicolored lithologic map and eight smaller maps.

Pennsylvania Mine Map Atlas - About

About Mine Maps Pennsylvania Mine Map Atlas - Mine Map Reading Tips. ... How do I interpret features on detailed mine maps? Room and Pillar Mining. Figure 1. ... Located in the lower right corner of each WPA mine map is the sheet name and coal seam covered by the sheet. In this example, the map is the "WPA Pittsburgh Sheet No 4" and the coal ...

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Illinois State Geological Survey Coal Maps and Data | ISGS

Illinois Coal Mining Statistics – Coal production, coal mining productivity, coal-mined acreage, and coal resources available for mining. PDF file. The Proximity of Underground Mines – This study provides maps and statistics per county on the proximity of both coal and non-coal underground-mined areas to urban development:

Pennsylvania Mine Map Atlas

If not, please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection at [email protected] to inquire how to obtain a copy of the mine map image. Please include the following in your email:

Interactive atlas of historical coal mine maps in ...

This enormous resource contains thousands of detailed coal mine maps that can be overlaid on a variety of base maps for the entire state, including terrain, topographic and road maps…

Illinois State Geological Survey County Coal Data and Maps ...

The accompanying coal mine directory for each county provides basic information about the coal mines. Coal has been mined in 76 counties in Illinois and more than 7,400 coal mines have operated since commercial mining began in 1810. Our maps of known mines for each of these counties may help the public to identify mined areas.

National Mine Map Repository (NMMR) Website

The National Mine Map Repository (NMMR) collects and maintains mine map information and images for the entire country. As an extension of the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE), NMMR acquires maps through public outreach efforts directed at state and federal agencies as well as mining companies, engineering and consulting firms, surveying companies, universities, …

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The coal is a lignite of a somewhat higher grade than that of southwestern Alaska. Some mining has been done at Rampart and on Coal and Washington creeks, but, like the mines on the lower river, operations have ceased since the introduction of petroleum as fuel for steamers.

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Mapping and Resource Center. Throughout the divisions of the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy; maps and location-based information is used to conduct, support and facilitate our work. This information is typically created, maintained and stored in a Geographic Information System (GIS).

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County Coal Map 1 page $12.50 Print on demand, larger directories are more expensive and additional sheets are $7.50 each This is for a one page county coal map and directory under 10 pages, if the map and directory are larger than this your order will be cancelled and we will email or …

Coal Mine Map Collection | WA - DNR

Coal mine map of the Coal Creek Mine. About 1,100 individual maps representing about 230 mines comprise the Washington State coal mine map collection, which is held at the Washington Geological Survey. The maps are an invaluable source of information for mine subsidence hazard evaluation and mitigation, structural geology, coal exploration ...

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The Coal Authority holds coal mining data in a national database. This provides information on past and present coal mining. The Interactive Map Viewer and the Web Mapping Services are provided ...

Kentucky Mine Mapping Information System

KentuckyMine MappingInformation System Division of Mine Safety300 Sower Boulevard Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

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The Mining Intelligence Store. High resolution digital and print poster mining maps by Mining Intelligence

Kentucky Coal Mine Maps

Kentucky Coal Mine Maps ... ...

Coal, Metallic and Mineral Resources | WA - DNR

Mining of coal and metallic minerals in Washington began in the mid to late 1800s. Coal production in Washington hit a high in 2003 with an estimated total production of …

MSHA - Digitized Mine Maps

Between 1995 and 2002, mine operators reported 181 mine inundations, 107 of which were unplanned cut-throughs. The location and extent of old workings are often unknown because mine maps were unavailable, or existing maps were incomplete or inaccurate.

General Information - Pennsylvania Mines and Mining ...

Collection of mine map images, searchable by county, municipality, mine name, quadrangle name, company name and other parameters. Pennsylvania Mine Subsidence Program This site links to township maps illustrating extent of undermined areas.

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AUM Home - Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Abandoned Underground Mine Maps. ODNR is seeking historic, abandoned underground mine (AUM) maps in an effort to expand its existing database of abandoned underground coal and mineral resources mines throughout Ohio.

Interactive map of coal mines in West ia | American ...

The West ia Geological and Economic Survey provides an interactive map of underground and surface coal mining activity in West ia. The map shows areas of active and historical coal mining in both underground and surface mines, with separate colors for auger and highwall mining.

Mine Map Archives

West ia Mine Map Archives. The Coal Industry of West ia is nearly 150 years old. It is estimated that over those years, thousands of mines were abandoned in West ia. In many cases very little information was compiled regarding these mines.