selection of the related rolling mill equipment. The portfolio of Primetals Hot Strip Mill Technology covers all these demands. The hot strip mill for ArcelorMittal in Krakow (Poland) and the hot strip mill for SAIL RSP in Rourkela (India) are two examples of full turn-key projects. In these projects

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The Hot Rolling Process The primary function of the Hot Strip Mill is to reheat semi-finished steel slabs of steel nearly to their melting point, then roll them thinner and longer through 12 successive rolling mill stands driven by motors totaling 77,000 hp, and finally coiling up the lengthened steel sheet for transport to the next process.


AK Steel is committed to producing top quality products by utilizing modern, well-maintained equipment. This begins with quality slabs produced by continuous casting producing a uniform chemistry for Hot Rolled Steel. The hot strip mill is designed to produce consistent surface quality, uniform mechanical

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Bliss 2H2S-2836 Hot Flat Pdt Mill s 22855. Manufacturer: Bliss; This Mill was designed to produce a 32" wide 0.472" to 0.047" thin strip coiled product from a horizontal non-ferrous caster but may also be used for steel, the Mill will generate a rolling load of up to 2,400,00...

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Narrow Strip Mill: UGI Engineering provides the complete narrow hot strip mill equipment, components, utility, drives, electrics and automation systems to meet demand for the highest performance, product quality and operational flexibility; Since ERW Pipe & Tube mills require narrow strip in coils. UGI has specialized in designing strip mills ...

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The given report represents an analysis of modern technological hot strip rolling lines in terms of devel-opment direction of equipment and technologies for coiling of hot rolled strips with the target to relieve the choice of the line of modernization of existing equipment or planning of new one, including the coiling technology.

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Oct 22, 2011· On the 19th October 2011 Bluescope commenced closure of it's Hot Strip Mill at spells the end of an era for the local area & many of it's people.

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We produce top quality products by utilizing modern, well-maintained equipment. This begins with quality slabs, produced by continuous casting, creating a uniform chemistry for hot rolled steel. The hot strip mill is designed to produce consistent surface quality, uniform mechanical properties, and consistent thickness and crown.

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HOT STRIP MILL — HIGHEST PERFORMANCE FOR NEW AND EXISTING STEEL MILLS The demand for hot rolled strip is growing in multiple ways. To remain competitive, new and existing mills must meet this challenge in the best possible way. The production of hot strip …

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Hot and cold rolling mill Hot-rolling mill: Equipment on which solidified steel preheated to a high temperature is continuously rolled between two rotating cylinders. Cold rolling mill: Equipment that reduces the thickness of flat steel products by rolling the metal between alloy steel cylinders at …

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The modern hot strip mill is furnished with a tremendous amount of equipment from the reheat furnaces all the way down to the coiling equipment. Fortunately for both our ferrous and non-ferrous customers alike Butech Bliss can provide equipment and technical services for nearly every element of the hot strip mill.

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HOT STRIP MILLS Mechanical Equipment ... Hot Rolling Mills SMS metallurgy. SMS DEMAG Hot Strip Mills 2 SMS Demag is the worldwide leading supplier of plant ... and finishing mills of a hot strip mill crops the trans-fer bar at its head and tail. In special applications, the

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Jun 30, 2017· Hot Strip Mills Production Process. Down Coiler ... Narrow steel strip Technology and machinery hot rolling mill sheet plate equipment - Duration: ... Modern technology of steel rolling mill ...

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Hot Strip Mill INCOMING RAW MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS Material Rolled Carbon Steel Slab Mill Capacity 2,080,000 tons / Year Thickness 7 - 10 Inches Width 24 - 75 Inches Length 158 - 441 Inches Weight Max. 37.5 Tons Material Slab Equipment No. Specifications Reheating Furnaces 1 Roughing Mill Manufacturer: METSA Pinch Roll

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Hot rolling mill The strip produced will have widths and thicknesses ranging between 900 and 1600 mm and between 1.0 and 15 mm, respectively. The the state-of-the-art Danieli hot rolling mill …

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Coilers are located between the rolling mill and the finishing mill. They roll and form coils of the transferred steel bar. The temperature is also reduced when the steel bar passes through these coils. These are the main features of a modern hot strip mill that increases quality and productivity.

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The Siemens cooling section for the hot strip mill in Duisburg-Bruckhausen comprises a transfer bar cooling unit and a finished strip cooling unit, which consists of …

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The range of products that can be produced in modern Hot Strip Mills covers steel grades from structural carbon to HSLA, Stainless, Silicon and High-Strength Pipe Steels, including API grades.

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Abstract: In the modern hot strip mill, the loopers establish a low and relatively constant level of tension between stands. This aids in minimizing width deviation, and provides an isolated environment for the operation of automatic gage control equipment at each stand.

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Energy Saving Drives for Hot Strip Mills Ralph P UGH TMEIC 2060 Cook Drive Salem, VA 24153, USA Tel: 540-283-2158 ... to utilize a modern energy saving control system with variable speed drives. ... This paper will review the equipment

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Ideally, the rolling mill would apply equal pressure across the entire width of the strip, which would produce equal elongation and perfectly flat strip. But in reality, mill rolls deflect under load, creating more pressure and elongation at the edge of the strip and producing a shape defect known as edge wave.

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Poor control of hot strip mill loopers degrades strip width and gauge, and may even ... the related hot mill equipment, and conven- ..., 1973). Due to an increasing demand in tighter strip dimensional tolerances, the last two decades have witnessed many modern control designs, both commissioned and uncommis-sioned, in the area of looper ...

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Hot strip mill layout This new hot rolling mill (figure 1) was designed to produce strip up to 1,880 mm wide with a final thickness down to 1.2 mm. The plant comprises a two-stand reversing roughing mill with ver-tical edgers and a seven-stand finishing train with two downcoilers (figure 2). Slabs are provided by three reheating fur - naces.

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Narrow Strip Mill Rolls are primarily manufactured at our plant in Slovenia using the most modern methods available. Advanced computer guided heat treatment equipment is used for through hardening and induction hardening. List of Grades The following list presents the different grades that Union Electric Åkers can provide.

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A tandem mill is a special type of modern rolling mill where rolling is done in one pass. In a traditional rolling mill rolling is done in several passes, but in tandem mill there are several stands (>=2 stands) and reductions take place successively. The number of stands ranges from 2 to 18.

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Our services shall also cover long product rolling mill and hot strip mill equipment and spare parts. In the recent years, Technojis delivered projects which include furnace revamping, CCM revamping, technology know-how transfer and steel making process improvement.

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Recent innovative solutions applied to modern Steckel mills make it possible to achieve high-quality strip that is comparable to the products of traditional hot rolling mills. By using a Steckel mill it is possible to produce a large variety of finished products, in terms of steel grades and strip size.

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at a speed of up to 19 in/see. This is the highest speed for continuous and semicontinuous hot strip mills. The basic constructional and energy-force parameters of modern high-production semicontinuous strip mills do not differ from those of continuous mills.